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Single Houses

Single-family homes only have one kitchen and a single set of utilities as they are meant to house one family. This differs from multi-family properties, which are designed to allow several families to live independently of each other even though they are under the same roof

Why should you consider Single houses?

A single – family home is generally defined as a freestanding residential building that is set up to accommodate one family. It does not usually share walls with other structures and it has its own parcel of land that belongs solely to the owner of the home. 

Benefits of Single houses:

More space

More privacy

Fewer neighborly nuisances

Freedom to build or modify

Fewer rules

Gokstad Hus will build you a house ranging from a one room, one-story home to a multi-story and multi-bedroom Single house

Company quality certificates

We have worked with renowned names. From hotels, offices and personal homes, we have worked with clients from all backgrounds.


The SINTEF Certificate confirming that the company produces high-quality buildings that meet Norwegian housing construction standards.


Sentralt Godkjent – quality scheme for companies in the construction industry.


ISO 9001: 2015 Control System Certificate attesting the development and implementation of quality processes in practice.


Startbank and Central Approval Certificates demonstrating the company’s competitiveness in both the Latvian and Norwegian markets.

THE Way to your new house


The journey to the new house begins with an appointment, suitably, in person or remotely.


During the meeting, we consider your idea by providing individual access to each customer.​


Appointment You'll get a sketch, the first cost estimate.​


When we have matched your wishes with the opportunities we offer, we sign the agreement.​


Preparation of building permit documents. In this context, you have to decide what the house should look like outside.​

Our Services

Kind service

Talk about the construction of your dream house.


A sketch of your dream house or an architect's drawing is the first step for us to start work at your home


Your home frame and dethals are produced in a short time


Once the production process has been completed, home transposition to the building site is organised and house assembly is started

Why People Trust Us

Gokstad Hus is a growing company, that is developed together with customers and employees. Our core values, long-term perspective, simplicity, drive and responsibility permeate our business.

Latest Single Houses

Benefits of Timber Frame Houses

Low construction weight (frame houses are 5-6 times lighter than brick houses).

Relatively short construction time.

Readily available materials.​

No need for large construction equipment.

Good value for money.

Easier to modernize.

Internal communications (water, sewerage, heating) hidden inside walls.

Eco-friendly, renewable materials.

The ability to express architectural preferences (to construct a house of individual shape and internal planning) more easily.

Gokstad Hus experience

For more than 15 years, our houses have been cheering customers by striking with high-quality, individual projects. Our houses are ecological place of life, as built from sustainable material – wood.

More than 100 successful projects in Latvia and Scandinavia.

Our houses are manufactured in our factory, thus protecting the structures from negative impacts of the external environment in the manufacturing and construction process.

We offer customers to visit our production or building sites to familiarise themselves with the process of producing houses.

We know that building a house is one of life's greatest projects and that you may have never built a house before. So we're doing everything we can to drive you up to your new home

Frequently Asked Questions

The term ’’Timber frame' typically describes a system of panelised structural walls and floors constructed from small section timber studs, clad with board products, in which the timber frame transmits vertical and horizontal loads to the foundations. It is generally not used to refer to timber post and beam structures or to timber engineered structural frames.

In terms of materials used, the cost of timber is lower, but not by much. Also, whether timber or brick are used the rest of the build costs will be the same. Foundations, plumbing, sewers, access roads and the like will cost just as much regardless of the frame. The main saving with timber frames is in the construction itself. 

Timber frame construction is an efficient and flexible build method. Compared to traditional masonry, it can accommodate more timber frame insulation in between the wooden studs, as in a cavity.

Wood framing can last 50 to several hundred years, depending on care and construction quality. Here are the factors and issues to consider when deciding how long a wood frame house will last:

  • Quality of Construction
  • Frequency of Repair and Maintenance
  • Local Climate

Wood is the only truly renewable construction material on the planet. But wood and timber frame construction, in particular, is far more than a renewable resource or “nice” building method.

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