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Sintef Certified Prefabricated Timber Frame Houses

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If you want to live or spend time at home in a house that has good, healthy air and is energy efficient, a timber house is recommended. In addition, a timber house is built in a way that saves nature’s valuable resources.

Sustainable for both you and the environment

In today's society, and especially in Scandinavia, we spend the absolute majority of our time indoors. That means that building materials and air quality are of great importance to our health and our well-being in general. Gokstad Hus houses have proven to have good and clean indoor air. The wood material has a calming effect because it is beautiful to look at and reminds us of our background in nature.

A single house is a free - standing residential building. Single houses are designed to be used as a single-dwelling unit, with one owner and no shared walls

Apartment houses are aimed at proving that multi-story wooden buildings can be the most competitive option, both aesthetically and ecologically. Wood is a successful alternative to concrete and steel.

Infill panel walls are a form of cladding built between the structural members of a building. The structural frame provides support for the cladding system, and the cladding provides separation of the internal and external environments. Infill walling is different to other forms of cladding panel in that it is fixed between framing members rather than being attached to the outside of the frame.

Infill panel walls are not considered to be load bearing, although they are required to resist wind loads applied to the façade, as well as supporting their own weight.

Company quality certificates

Gokstad Hus has SINTEF certificate that shows that we are producing high-quality buildings that meet Norwegian housing construction standards


Sentralt Godkjent – quality scheme for companies in the construction industry.


ISO 9001: 2015 Control system certificate attesting the development and implementation of quality processes in practice


Startbank and Central approval certificates demonstrate the company’s competitiveness in both the Latvian and Norwegian markets

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Why timber frame houses?

The timber is a renewable raw material that Gokstad Hus considers to be the most suitable construction material when designing environmentally suited houses. Timber provides a stable and dense wall with good insulation. When you build a wooden frame house, you get a house with excellent energy value. Our goal is to create homes with a good indoor climate, without toxins and unnecessary environmental impacts. Our environmentally friendly houses are useful not only for the world but also for you.


Factory warranty

All houses manufactured in the company has covered with a quality guarantee


We are also welcome to open services after the guarrantee has expired

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One of the most favorable types of home construction

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Fast production and construction

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